Product Description

Riosilk Complete Hair Repair System straightens strong hair with narrow curls, while it rejuvenates hair using keratin proteins to restore hair’s luster and silkiness. No smoke, no odor.

Directions For Use: Wash hair once with Riosilk shampoo. Do not apply conditioner. Towel dry hair, and blow dry to 70%. Divide hair into four equal sections. Using 1.5 oz. of Hair Repair System, begin applying product to hair, making sure to leave ½ inch from the scalp. Work solution through hair with a fine-tooth comb. Let hair set for 15 minutes. Comb through and dry hair with hair dryer completely. After drying, apply flat iron set between 450 and 470 degrees F to each one inch section of hair 12 times. After finishing, you may wash hair right away and style as you usually would. (If you do not wash hair right away, be sure to wash within 3 days of treatment.) To prolong the life of your Hair Repair System, please use Riosilk After Care Shampoo and Conditioner.